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We're Just A Bunch Of Wine Loving Millenials that Want To Make Wine As
Cool As Craft Beer and Hard Seltzers

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"The wine consumer has changed, but the industry isn't listening. People want more convenience and variety. Better quality. To Support Products that are better for them and the planet. The next generation of wine drinkers doesn't want to drink wine the same way as their parents."

Brett Bayda

Founder of Drink EEZY

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Our Story

The concept for Drink EEZY was born when our founder wanted a premium glass of wine but didn’t want to commit to opening a full-sized bottle. Living an active lifestyle he wanted more convenience, better variety and the power to choose how much wine to drink.


Love Wine. Love Yourself.

Together we can empower each other to live a healthier lifestyle while still enjoying the small luxuries of life. You don’t have to stop eating chocolate, watching TV, or drinking wine. The secret is to find your balance.

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