To become a mom is to join an elite group of bold women from all over the world. For the path of motherhood is one fraught with battle against countless small pointy toys that lurk in the depths of every carpet and an ever-expanding sinkful of juice cups. 


Between attempting to help their kids master the sorcery that is common core math and finishing the bananas their toddlers have taken exactly two bites of, it can be hard for the average mom to carve out a little alone time. 


That’s where Drink EEZY comes in. The next time you need a break from adulting, look no further for a way to enjoy a glass of your favorite wine, guilt-free. 


What is the Drink EEZY 4-Pack?

If you’re long overdue for your next mom timeout, Drink EEZY is here to make enjoying a glass of your favorite wine a whole lot easier. 


Every Drink EEZY 4-Pack comes with (you guessed it) six single-serve wines, each in its own classy glass bottle.  


What exactly does “single-serve” mean, you ask? For Drink purposes, it equates to 6.3 oz of wine per bottle. No need to math- that means there’s enough in each bottle for either two servings or a generous single serve if you’re feeling feisty. 


Don’t worry- we hear all those potential issues racing through your mind like a toddler on chocolate. 


But before you let them stop you from enjoying a little me-time, check out these convenient solutions that Drink EEZY has to offer.  


Enjoy a Glass of Wine Before Bed Without the Guilt 

While motherhood comes with a magic all its own, it’s not always inexpensive. So, if you’ve ever found yourself hesitant to buy a bottle of unknown wine without knowing you’ll love its contents, we get it.  


While wine-tasting may sound like a great idea, it often also sounds about as realistic to the average mom as an argument-free bedtime. 


Never fear, for the Drink-EEZY 4-pack is here to help you enjoy the fun of expanding your wine horizons, all without the need to wait until your youngest leaves for college.  


Each Drink EEZY combo comes with a collection of single-serve wines from small-batch and artisan wineries around the world. 


Now you can enjoy samples of four different wines for around the price of one high-end bottle. Should one fail to strike your fancy, you’ll have three more choices ready to step up to the plate. 


Single-Serve Wines Are more Convenient 

Remember the last time you took some time for yourself? And no, girl, that one time you actually managed to use the toilet alone does not count. 


We know it’s hard. There’s the grocery shopping to do, the various foods to cut into bite-sized portions, and that animated Pixar movie your kids keep begging you to watch with them for the 63rd time.  


So how could you possibly find enough time to relax and enjoy a bottle of wine? By opting for four single-serve wines instead, that’s how. 


The time needed to enjoy each bottle should line up nicely with that wondrous hour between the kids’ bedtime and your own.  


Single-Serve Wines make Portion Control Easier

We've all been there. You finally sit down to enjoy a single glass of that bottle of wine you’ve been waiting years for the chance to open. Then one thing leads to another and suddenly you look up to discover that an alarming amount of the wine has accidentally disappeared down your throat.  


The next thing you know, you’re fake coughing into the phone to see if your husband can please grab the kids on his way home because you’re “not feeling well.”  


Don’t let it happen to you. 


The Drink EEZY 4-pack comes with the added convenience of effortless portion control. 


All you have to do is subtract the number of empty single-serve wines from their remaining fellows and you’ll know exactly how much you’ve had.   


Single-Serve Wines With Purse-Sized Portability 

Finding a place to enjoy a mom timeout that doesn’t include the sound of Peppa Pig playing in the background can be a unique challenge. 


For some moms, wine is better enjoyed in the company of friends during a day at the beach or on the golf course.  


If you can relate, then our single-serve glass wine bottles are the solution for you. Say good-bye to mommy’s “specially marked” hydro flask, as you slip your chosen Drink EEZY bottle into your beach bag, purse, or golf bag.  


Bring along a few glasses for a nice picnic with your better half or simply take an afternoon off to sip in solitude.  


Widen Your Wine Tasting Horizons Without Compromising Quality

One of the greatest ironies in the history of mom-dom is how much time we spend researching nutritious recipes for our kids on Pinterest while low-key eating their Halloween candy. 


Sometimes adulting overload can lead to questionable self-care choices. Fortunately, this is not a worry you’ll have to contend with when you sit down to enjoy the Drink EEZY 4-pack.


When it comes to quality control, Drink has got you covered. You can choose from a variety of pre-curated Drink EEZY 4-packs, with no worries about accidental junk wine selections. 


All of our single-serve wines come are made in house or made exclusively by our worldwide team of winemakers. 


From the story behind the wine to an introduction to its creators, you’ll never have to wonder where your next glass came from.  


Take It EEZY During Your Mom Timeout

Ready to call a mom timeout on the blur of PTA meetings and after-school activities? 


When things start to feel overwhelming, it’s important to take a deep breath and remember to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.  


Drink EEZYs come in the perfect portion sizes for busy moms everywhere. 


Enjoy a specially curated selection in the momentary solace of your favorite reading nook or alongside other moms who are ready for a little girl time.  


Want to share the love? Our Drink EEZY 4-Packs make for excellent gifts, whether for your favorite moms or yourself. 


29 septiembre 2022 — Brett Bayda