Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one this holiday season? While many of us live across the country from our friends and family, our Luxury Wine Advent Calendar is a gift you can have shipped right from your own home. 

A new take on everyone’s favorite holiday countdown, each Wine Advent Calendar comes with 24 artisan single-serve wines, each hidden behind its own door. If you’re looking for a good reason to order yours today, then hold onto your hat because we’re about to give you our top 5 reasons to order yours today!

1. It’s the Wine Gift That Keeps on Giving

The true gift of a Wine Advent Calendar is not just in the wine, but also in the experience that comes along with it. Each day for twenty-four straight days, your recipient will be able to look forward to sampling a new artisan wine, from one of seven different countries.

Not only will they delight in the anticipation of exploring new tastes, but also of learning the stories behind each wine. Whether it was made from grapes grown on 70-year-old wines or cultivated by a third-generation Spanish winemaker, each wine comes complete with its own unique origin story.

2. It’s a Great Way to Sample New Favorite Wines

When it comes to wine, it’s easy to play it safe with the same old bottles of time-honored favorites. The Wine Advent Calendar is a way to shake things up a bit with 24 different wines from 7 different countries. While quarantine may have done a number on your ability to enjoy wine tastings this year, the Wine Advent Calendar brings the tasting party to you. Featuring wines from France, Chile, Spain, and beyond, you’ll experience mini bottles of wines far beyond the scope of your favorite local vineyard.

3. It Can Be Hard to Get Your Hands On

Wine Advent Calendars make a great gift because they can be notoriously hard to find around the holidays. Last year, our Wine Advent Calendars sold out online within 14 days! When you place your order early, you’ll be set for the holidays long before the last-minute stress of the season begins. If you’re a first time customer, you’ll even score a $20 coupon if you join our mailing list at drinkeezy.com.  So go ahead, snag a little something for yourself while you’re at it.

4. You’ll Be Supporting Family-Run Wineries

One of the things that make our Wine Advent Calendars so unique is that each wine included is exclusively made for Drink EEZY from one of our contracted family-run wineries. Not only will you enjoy exclusive tasting and pairing notes, but you’ll also be giving back to small-batch wineries from 7 different countries around the world. While some mass-produced bottles can be great, there’s nothing quite like sipping a wine that was hand-picked from the hills of a country 5,000 miles away.

5. It’s the perfect Wine Gift That Can Be Shared

Above all, the holidays are about bringing people together. Rest assured that each uniquely shaped glass bottle in the Wine Advent Calendar contains enough wine for two people (or a generous serving for one). So whether you’re in the mood to curl up by the fire with a loved one or to unwind alone after a long day of shopping, you’ll be able to enjoy a nice glass of wine without having to commit to opening a whole bottle.


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