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This website is operated by Drink EEZY and Owned by Sip and Savor. Throughout the site, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Sip and Savor. 


Shipping Policy


Sip and Savor will do their best to fulfill all orders 24 – 48 hours after receiving payment, except for Saturday, Sundays and holidays. This does not apply to any pre-order items.

Shipping times will vary between states and calendar months.  Sip and Savor can not guarantee exact shipping dates or arrival times.  Once the product is picked up by the shipping carrier and leaves the Sip and Savor warehouse location in California, Sip and Savor no longer has control of the product or it’s exact delivery time.

Sip and Savor will not be responsible for late packages arriving due to natural disasters, protests, pandemics, shipping backlogs, or any other related cause that can affect the arrival time of your package.

Sip and Savor understands that several of the items sold on the website are gift related and need to be delivered in a timely fashion. Sip and Savor will do its best to ensure all pre-order products, gifts and Wine Advent Calendars be delivered by the date of the occasion that the product is meant for. However, as stated above Sip and Savor will not guarantee these delivery dates if natural disasters, protests, pandemics, shipping backlogs, or any other related cause are the cause of the packages not being delivered on time. Nor will Sip and Savor be held liable for items being late if the item is shipped 5 days prior to the special occasion date in all states except for California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Sip and Savor will not be held liable for items being late if the item shipped 3 days prior to the special occasion date in California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington.

All pre-order purchases will have estimated shipping dates listed on the website and delivered in email correspondence.  These dates are ONLY guidelines and the consumer understands when placing the order that Sip and Savor will not be held liable for late orders for all the reasons mentioned above.

If the purchasers package is lost or stolen during the shipping process with FedEx or UPS, Sip and Savor will not be held liable, however, the company will do its best to rectify the problem on a case to case basis.

An adult signature and ID will be required at the time of delivery. Sip and Savor recommends shipping to the nearest FedEx location to prevent missing packages or packages not being delivered due to not having someone at home of legal age that can sign for the package.


If the purchaser chooses to have the package shipped to a residential address, FedEx will make 1-3 attempts to deliver your wine. Sip and Savor are not responsible for any wine products that are not delivered and are returned back to the sender, if the person receiving the wine is unavailable or not at home.

Each purchaser has the opportunity to create an account and get SMS tracking notifications. Sip and Savor highly recommends using this free service to help prevent missed or returned packages.

Sip and Savor will not be liable for returned packages when the purchaser accuses Fedex of not leaving missed delivery notes on the door. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to monitor email communication from Sip and Savor and use the tracking number provided to track the package.

Once your wine leaves the Sip and Savor California warehouse, we no longer have the authority to make edits or changes to the delivery address because it is alcohol.  All shipping address changes must be made by the person that placed the order for the product at least 3 days prior to the package being shipped.

If the purchaser of the product makes shipping address changes, Sip and Savor will not be held liable if the package is not picked up or delivered and will not compensate the customer if the package is returned to the sender.

When ordering any of our perishable products, please carefully read the Refund Policy.

Refund Policy

Although Sip and Savor does their best to offer an incredible shopping experience for all customers, it does come with limitations that Sip and Savor cannot control.

Wine is a perishable food item that can have its flavor profiles altered by extreme shifts in temperature. Hot, dry summer heat and frigid freezing temperatures can affect the taste of the wine. Because Sip and Savor cannot control mother nature or how the wine is handled once it leaves the Sip and Savor warehouse, all purchases are final and will not be eligible for a refund.

While Sip and Savor carefully hand-selects each wine, Sip and Savor understands that everyone hasa unique palate. Sip and Savor will issue a credit for the full value of up to three 6.3oz wines and two 750ml wines that a consumer receives that does not meet their expectations.  However, all Sip and Savor wines go through rigorous testing prior to bottling and Sip and Savor is confident that the
wines will be enjoyed.

Sip and Savor will not issue credit or refunds for the entire wine purchase since the wine has been tested by industry leading experts and cannot issue refunds solely based on personal preferences.

If you would like further clarification, the Sip and Savor team of wine concierges are very fast to respond via the Contact Us form on the website.

Sip and Savor provides each customers with 14 days from the time of purchase to cancel their order and get a full refund.  After 14 days from the time of purchase, we will provide a gift card for the full value of the item up to 14 days prior to shipping. 

If the consumer purchases a Wine Advent Calendar while its an instock item the consumer will have four hours to cancel the order prior to shipping.

Return and Cancellation Policy

Sip and Savor understands that circumstances can arise and that products need to be canceled or returned. If you make a purchase at Sip and Savor you have four hours from the time you place the order to cancel.

After four hours your order will be processed, picked, and put into the cue for shipping. It is impossible for the Sip and Savor team to stop a shipment once the order is processed or make changes to that order.

For pre-order purchases, you have fourteen days from the time you purchased the product to request a refund or cancel your order.  After the 14 day period, you can request an in-store credit for the full value of your purchase up to 5 – days before the product is scheduled to ship to the delivery address on file.  

After the allocated grace period your order will not qualify to be exchanged, canceled, refunded or returned under any circumstance.


If the purchaser chooses to return the package to the sender at the time of delivery because the outside packaging appears to be damaged without inspecting the inside contents, the purchaser will be issued a refund, if requested, minus a 25% restocking fee and the purchaser will need to repurchase the product. The reason for this is Sip and Savor cannot reuse the wine that was returned since Sip and Savor does not know how the shipping of the wine was handled. The product will be disposed of and Sip and Savor will take the loss on the product and return shipping fees.

If the purchaser does inspect the inside contents of the package and it is determined that the product is damaged, the purchaser will quality for our Damage Product Policy. Details for the Damage Product Policy are highlighted below.

Packages that are returned to the sender by the shipping carrier prior to arriving at the final destination will result in the customer receiving a 100% refund with no re-stocking fee. The product will be reshipped at Sip and Savor’s expense.

All purchasers should be confident in their purchasing decision and the address provided at time of purchase. This will ensure a positive experience with Sip and Savor.

Damaged Product Policy


Sip and Savor’s packaging has gone through rigorous testing and has passed all FedEx’s packaging guidelines. If the purchasers package arrives damaged, the purchaser needs to take a picture of the damaged outside box and the damaged wine on the inside of the box so that Sip and Savor can submit a damaged claim to the shipping provider.

Images should be emailed to and a company Wine Concierge team member will process a replacement or refund on a case by case basis.